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A Band of Daddies - Bridecest
"...Guys, we have a problem."
Black Veil Brides were on tour in California, and that night would be playing the final show on their 'Church of the Wild Ones' tour. Mid-spring, the males in the band had their shirts off, and were milling around absently, playing video games, eating...Eager for the tour to be over. Several months straight touring really took it out of you.
...Especially when you found out that your bassist was pregnant, a week in.
Ashley was the whore of the band, sleeping with them all on tour to keep the men satified when they didn't have access to their significant other's. This meant that literally none of them knew who's baby it was, and therefore had all become incredibly protective over the bassist and his growing stomach.
Therefore, they all became alarmed when the heavily pregnant man said he had a problem.
"What's wrong? Is the baby okay? Are you hungry? Is it crushing your ribs again?" Jinxx fretted, sitting up. Ashley had been using him as a pillow. He wasn't
:iconsuckmyladyballs:SuckMyLadyBalls 82 57
Andy Biersack x Reader
Andy Sixx x Reader
Warning: Strong Language, Trigger...?
It was about six months ago when your boyfriend caught you dragging the blade across your flesh. And you haven't done it since, but you still had told him ASAP as you were ordered to. He would hold you and whisper words like, "I love you more than I can ever scream," in your ear, gently soothing the jagged thoughts away. And you loved him for it, but still felt bad that you were dumping your problems on him.
Today he came back from a photo-shoot with the guys and seemed pretty you weren't surprised when he locked himself in his room with pen and paper hoping to spark new inspiration as he blared his favourite songs. You were downstairs making him his favourite, your famous (dessert) when you let your mind wander... Bad idea. Soon you were on the floor, digging your nails into your jeans while trying to mentally rebuke the scalding flames of want that licked your wrists. With a loud slur, you shot up and r
:iconacspeacock:Acspeacock 285 96
A Work of Art [Yandere!Armin x Reader]
Armin couldn't keep his mind off of you.
Even during missions, he would find his thoughts wandering over to you and was unable to refocus them on the task at hand. He would always see things from the outside, animals and plants, and wondered if you would like them; and when he wasn't on missions, he was by your side.
Being with you was the only thing that kept his mind at ease between the stress of titans and the nonsense his friends came up with. You were the one little piece of perfection that made this hectic and chaotic life worth living.
It was the second reconnaissance mission this month.
No leeway had been made against the titans while the number of members dwindled by another forty-percent, much higher than the norm. It was rigorous, but just thinking of your cheerful face was enough to get Armin through the day.
He walked into the dining room, where he knew you would be drawing in your scrap book like you did after every mission. He remembers you telling him it was the way you
:iconvariafran:VariaFran 229 111
Past Mistakes - Levi x Reader
Levi stared at you in horror as you stood before him in the dimly lit room. He didn’t want to go through this again. Every time this happened he felt a little part of himself die. Despite how much he so desperately wanted to look away, he simply couldn’t. His eyes were stuck on you as you swayed there ever so gently, giving him a sweet smile.
“I missed you, Levi,” you told him. Your voice was sweet, but empty. As were you.
“Stop this, damn it. Just go away, I don’t want anything to do with you!” he shouted, his voice ringing with the choked cries of a broken man.
Your face contorted into one of sadness at his harshness. Even for the Captain, his words seemed to be riddled with a venomous tone that’d poison even the mightiest of warriors. “But Levi…”
He hated himself. He detested everything he was. He was pathetic, unreliable, unstable. Every time he heard that damned whimper of yours, or saw that frown crinkling your bea
:iconwhat-the-honk:what-the-honk 451 249
An Unexpected Surprise - AU!Levi x Reader
To be honest, you had no idea how your week could get any better.
Your birthday was soon approaching and for the past month your fiancé, Levi, had been sneaking around in order to hide preparations from you. Whatever he was planning, it must have been big. He’d have secret phone calls, receive letters – sometimes flowers – in the mail, hell, even your friends were acting shifty around you. It warmed your heart how dedicated to surprising you they all were.
That morning you decided to do something nice as an indirect reward for “working so hard”. It was cute how he used the work excuse to cover his tracks. You decided to slave over a hot stove for over an hour to make him a big, great breakfast.
Levi walked out of the bedroom you shared, already dressed and ready to start yet another tiresome day of his job. “I hope you’re not planning on leaving before having some food, Levi. Breakfast’s the most important meal of the day,” you
:iconwhat-the-honk:what-the-honk 370 259
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United States
Hi my name is Daniela!! I love art i'm very good at if i do say so myself. I love music. I play piano and a it of guitar.


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